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Welcome to Season 2 of Shattered Souls: The Car Barn Murders

Come along on this journey with me as we try to solve the 85-year-old murder case of Emory Smith and James Mitchell. I need your help and as armchair detectives with the power to do some deeper searches, we have the chance to try and solve Maryland's oldest open cold case!

Unprecedented access to the entire case file can be found on the Home page in various PDF files, categorized by topic. As I follow leads on my own through family members, diaries, legends, and stories passed down through generations, you can read the reports and send tips to me via this website on information you've found! If your information pushes the case forward, I will have you on Shattered Souls as a guest!

Stay tuned for updates as we all move forward and try to close this case once and for all!


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1 commentaire

Alisa Statman
Alisa Statman
25 oct. 2020

First Subscriber!! Oh yeah, can't wait for this next season!! Whoop.

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